Tuesday, August 1, 2017

ICT training and my feelings...

Author: Md. Moin Uddin, Trainee, YES Center
The youth are the great force for the progress of any country and society, but youth in our Bangladeshi society is far behind any development. Every young person has a dream to contribute to the development of the community, country and family after completing their study. But it is fact that the youth of the rural area are less privileged than the urban youth. The urban youth enjoy many opportunities like higher education institutions, skill development training, can use information technology and can connect with the information of the whole world. On the other hand, the youth of the rural area are facing many problems such as lack of employment opportunities, lack of training facilities, lack of economic activities etc. And if a  young person received any training he/she could not utilized the skills due to lack of employment opportunities here. In this circumstance, the YES Center Cox’s Bazar is contributing for creating opportunities for the rural youth to make them active citizens.

I belong to a poor family of Chaillatali village of South Mithachari Uion of Ramu Upazila of Cox's Bazar district. My family tried to give me the opportunity to have higher education, but my family could not pay for the necessary training for me.

The YES CENTER COX’S BAZAR gave me the chance to get this training. That's why I am expressing my gratitude to the family of the YES CENTER project. With the support of the YES Center, I successfully completed an expensive training of ICT. It was a three months course that run from 16 January 2017 to 15 April 2017. I noticed during my training at the YES CENTER COX’S BAZAR that the venue of the course was so beautiful, we could enjoy a green and hilly environment. There were adequate equipment facilities for the training, nice facilitation by the trainers, sincerity of the training staff, frequent supervision and cooperation with the trainees.

YES Center Cox’s Bazar has not only taught me ICT, but it also taught me how to use life skills to become self reliant, self confident and how to create jobs for the neglected youth community. After completing the training, I received a certificate and got also involved with the small blogger group. We share our feelings, dreams and future plans through the blog so that everybody can know about us and our work. I also want to share it with the international community as well.

My expectation is that the YES Center will continue the training for youth here. Because sometimes unemployment leads a young person to get involved with crime. So for protecting the young generation training could be an effective tool. By using the knowledge and skills the trained youth will either join the workforce successfully  or create jobs for other young people.
After finishing the ICT training, I have set my goal for my future life. I want to build my career within the  ICT world.

Finally I would say that the YES Center does not only provide training to the youth for employment, but it also assists to develop future leaders for our nation in which women are also getting opportunities to develop themselves and get involved with the economic development in rural areas. I believe that through the support of the YES Centre not only 400 young people will benefit, but more than 400,000 youth will benefit! Specially I would like to express my most heartfelt gratitude to Esprit and to the YOU Foundation for providing their support to us and also thanks to YPSA and HOPE'87-Bangladesh, who are implementing the valuable training programs.

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  1. YPSA is not only an NGO but also a social helpling Organization what helps many youth to find their own life skills like me...