Monday, April 23, 2018

Hello! I am from Bangladesh

Jasim Uddin 

Hello! I am Jasim Uddin. My village is Kathalia , which is located to the East side of Moricha Bazar in Ukhia Thana in Cox’s Bazar district.

We are Bangladeshi. Around half of the population of our country is young. As Bangladesh is a developing country, we are facing various limitations. That’s why many people of our country do not want to involve themselves with self-employment. But from the beginning of my student’s life, I had a dream to establish an organization with young people, which will contribute for creating self employment.

At first I initiated and started to organize youth from my own community from the year 2014. Onwards two of my friends extended their hands to me. We named the organization JSR (Justice Solidarity Reunity) -student group. After a while we realized that for strengthening our initiatives we needed some capacity.