Monday, April 23, 2018

Hello! I am from Bangladesh

Jasim Uddin 

Hello! I am Jasim Uddin. My village is Kathalia , which is located to the East side of Moricha Bazar in Ukhia Thana in Cox’s Bazar district.

We are Bangladeshi. Around half of the population of our country is young. As Bangladesh is a developing country, we are facing various limitations. That’s why many people of our country do not want to involve themselves with self-employment. But from the beginning of my student’s life, I had a dream to establish an organization with young people, which will contribute for creating self employment.

At first I initiated and started to organize youth from my own community from the year 2014. Onwards two of my friends extended their hands to me. We named the organization JSR (Justice Solidarity Reunity) -student group. After a while we realized that for strengthening our initiatives we needed some capacity.

Then I heard about the YES Center and I got admitted in the ICT course and I successfully completed my training course. I also received life skills training. By participating in the life skills training at the YES Center I learnt the concept of life skills, the different component of life skills, team building, solving problems and interpersonal relationships, which helped me a lot to strengthen my organization. 

The YES Center also gave me the opportunity to participate in computer training. I also participated in the blogger training and now I am a member of the blogger group of the YES Center. The opportunities of the YES Center inspired me to go forward.

At present my organization has 1.157 members. Two hundred members of our club donate Tk. 100 in each month. We deposit Tk. 20,000 in each month. The members of my club have also established a library in my locality. We also initiated some small-scale businesses. We successfully generated self-employment of six people. We also try to expand our business. Our future target is to establish a big hospital in Cox’s Bazar district…

We also want to build a drug free society. We are collectively initiating drug free campaigns in our locality. We know that youth are the driving force for our future. But youth in my locality are facing different types of challenges. “Yabba” (Methylamphetamine) is a very dangerous drug, which affects the young people. Another big menace in this locality is child marriage …

In future we will establish a computer lab in our locality. Hundreds of student will get an opportunity to get ICT related knowledge from our lab. For reducing the problem of unemployment we developed JSR student group. By taking various initiatives we want to build a better and poverty free society. We want to create employment for thousands of people.

The YES Center is implementing a skills driven project for generating employment and changing the socio –economic condition of this locality. Youth in this locality are benefitting a lot from this project. The skills driven courses of this project are ICT and computer training, office management and secretariat training, hotel management training, basic accountancy and bookeeping training and tourist guide training. We, the trainees, immensely benefited from these training courses! Thank you, ESPRIT and YOU Foundation and YES Center!

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