Thursday, February 22, 2018

Hotel management course helps me to build my career in the hospitality sector

photo of Mobinul Hoque
Mobinul Hoque
My name is Mobinul Hoque, I am a student of 8th semester in Polytechnic Institution in Cox’s Bazar. Student life is the initial stage of our life. It is also a foundation stage and an important period for building a better future. A student can gather vast practical knowledge from his surrounding environments. Student life is the period for taking proper preparation for our practical life and skills driven education is very crucial for students in enhancing practical knowledge in this globalization.

I am also trying to enhance my practical knowledge for my job in future. And I prefer a job in the hospitality sector. Because the hotel sector is a vibrant sector and it is globally a very popular sector. One can know the diversity of real life from this sector. In the hotel sector we have a vast opportunity to build our career based in Cox’s Bazar and across our country.