Thursday, September 14, 2017

Job is not a “Golden Deer” for me if we get YES CENTER besides us

Blogger: Wasim Hasnat
Wasim Hasnat : Bangladesh is a low middle income country. Our country is expecting to become a middle income country by 2021. For the economic growth, youth can play an advanced role in reaching the aim of Bangladesh becoming a middle income country. The youth of the country have already proven, that they have the ability to become drivers for change and growth in the social and the economic fields. But youth unemployment is a major problem for Bangladesh over the past decades. When young workers are not able to connect to the labour market, it profoundly impacts their ability to participate fully in the economy and threatens their social and economic future. Sometimes many young people could not get a proper job and could not work as per their ability and qualifications and as a result they could not utilize their ability, which often drives them into frustration. So nowadays a proper job is considered a “Golden Deer” among the educated male and female youth.  Besides, when we apply for any job we risk of not getting it due to lack of experience and skills.