Friday, March 23, 2018

Importance of English language course in Cox’s Bazar

Ayesha Akter
I am Ayesha Akter. I am 19 years old. At present, I am a student of honors first year in Cox’s Bazar city college. Cox’s Bazar is my birthplace.

I am living in Cox’s Bazar from my childhood. For this reason, I love this district a lot. The longest sea beach in the world is located in this district. For this reason, it is a famous tourist spots in the whole world. This district is also famous for it’s other attractive tourist spots. Cox’s Bazar is one of the most vulnerable district for various types of natural and manmade disasters. Now millions of Rohingya refugees are staying in this host district.

Every year millions of tourists visit our country. Especially they come here to enjoy the natural beauty of Cox’s Bazar. Among those visitors, there are also women visitors. Female visitors prefer female tourist guides for ensuring their smooth visit.