Tuesday, May 8, 2018

English Language Course in the YES Center : An opportunity for youth in rural village

Sheikh Farid Uddin Fahad
Hello, my name is Sheikh Farid Uddin Fahad! I live in Paner Chara village. The YES Center is located nearby. I am completing an English Language Course in the YES Center.

I know that this course is very effective and important, because English is an international language. Therefore, it is of special demand all over the world.

We know, that English is the main language to communicate with international communities.Actually, at present most of the companies in Bangladesh are looking for employees, that are proficient in English language. This criteria is reflected in the posted job vacancies. It is also true, that most of the books in higher education are published in English.

Both, the students, who want to ensure their access to higher education and those who wish to enter a decent job market need to know how to read, write and speak good English. As I live in a small village there was no opportunity to learn the English language. But after the establishing of the YES Center the youth of this locality and in the surrounding areas are immensely benefiting from the courses offered by the center, which is so near to us! The English language courses offered to the youth by the YES Center helps the young people like me to add skills to the curricular activities and enhance the educational level of the students.

Many students, who finished one of the English language courses got a good job after completing this course. After the Rohingyarefugees influxin Cox’s Bazar many job opportunities popped up suddenlyfor the committed youth of this locality. Most of the students of the YES Center already got a job in different local, national and international organizations. Many foreigners of different international organizations are now working in the humanitarian response program for the Rohingya in Cox’s Bazar. And those foreigners need interpreters.Student who are proficient in English,get better jobs.The English language course not only increasesthe efficiency in English, but also helps to alleviate the unemployment problem. It helps to sustainable development in our country.

Now I completed my S.S.C exam and I want to complete higher education. I want to become a software engineer. I am preparing myself for this career path and the English language course is one of the steps, which will help me to complete my dream…


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