Wednesday, November 7, 2018

My dream reaches me to my destination

My name is Md. Hazrat Ali. My father and mother, Bashir Uddin and Martuza Khatun, both died during my childhood. My elder brother and sister took care of me following their deaths. We are from Thakurgaon district. I moved from Thakurgaon to Cox’s Bazar in 2016 and was admitted to study at Cox’s Bazar Polytechnic College.

My college friend told me about the YES Center at Ramu Upazilla in Cox’s Bazar and the variety of free training courses that they offer. I had heard that those trainings were very helpful as many youth from my area have already gotten a job following their participation in the program. Because of the successes that I had seen amongst the youth in my community, I was encouragedto visit the YES center myself and found it to be a very nice place surrounded by natural views.

After talking to the manager of the YES center I was admitted to the English language course and completed the trainings in three months. I also participated in the life skills training and was further motivated to develop my capacities not only to help myself, but also to help others.

As a result of the trainings that I received at the YES Centre, I became inspired to invent something new. I shared my idea with YPSA and my college teacher and they encouraged me and helped me to get financial support that was necessary. I participated in all types of science and youth related events and competitions with my small science project throughout Cox’s Bazar. I was motivated to create something that would benefit my community and came up with an idea for a new type of AC system that would be more affordable for middle income families. Finally, I completed this project and created an AC system that had a production cost of less than half of the system’s cost that was presently on the market.

My new AC system consumes 90% less electricity as it is environmentally friendly and can run on solar power. I named my creation “A Power Saving Portable AC for Whole Year” because this product can be utilized year-round and is very portable and easy to carry. I used separate filters for dust control and a thermometer to control the heat. I also used a humidity fire to control the level humidity in the air. I participated in many different science fairs with my invention and won the first prize at the district level as well as the divisional level. I was also awarded as a youth initiator at Cox’s Bazar district. I also participated in national level competition and was recognized by the Government of Bangladesh for my invention.

My teacher, Mr. Moniruzzaman, as well as four of my friends, Shahnewaz, Rassel, Rana and Sarjatul Islam helped me to make this AC. I am truly grateful to all of them for their assistance in helping to make my dream come true. I also must express my heartfelt gratitude to YPSA for inspiring this dream and enabling me to take forward steps towards reaching my ultimate goals and aspirations. The impact that the YPSA and the YES Center has made on my life is enormous and I will forever be thankful for their efforts to make a difference in my community!

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